Wissam Kamal — Spilling Dark Laughter

1-  What inspired you to start practicing stand-up comedy?

WK: I was always fascinated by the power of making people Laugh and how satisfying it is and challenging at the same time. I was always inspired as well, by my father who is able to do that so easily in our big family. Also, I fell in Love with Chaplin at a very young age.Yet Stand Up Comedy itself is something way bigger than only Laughter, it’s freedom. It’s saying what’s on your mind and getting a direct response from the audience. It’s genuinely making a Change with Laughter.

2-Lebanese people think they’re funny…and most are, (most), does that make it harder for you to judge or create your own content?

WK: Lebanese People are extremely funny. And I am never in a position to “Judge Content” yet I have the chance to create as much as I can.
It’s never hard to create content when Passion for Comedy and Satire exist, and not for the sake of Money or Fame yet for the love of making people laugh and the acceptance of continuous Failure in order to do Better. I have this huge respect for what I love so what’s hard about it, is when I launch something to the audience and immediately think “Ok.. What’s next the next best thing?”

3- #FREEcomedy, why did you start this hashtag?

WK: If I want to say what is somehow my Comedy/Satire Genre I would say, ” I’m a very honest social critic, a Dark Comic.” So most of what I say is extremely off boundaries because of it is Honesty.
I started this Hashtag because I want to do my very small part of promoting it. I really believe in freedom of speech and especially in Comedy. Jokes never killed anyone, Jokes never physically or financially hurt anyone, Jokes are only words, Everything is Okay or Nothing is!

4- Is there any topic/subject/matter you refuse to joke about? 

WK: I generally refuse doing any cheap comedy (which means using sexual perversion as a joke) or silly idiotic jokes that have no meaning or lazy writing… Oh and I don’t do stolen ones as well.

5- Who are your biggest inspirations in the stand up comedy world? & what did you mostly learn from them?

WK: Louis C.K- George Carlin-Bill Hicks-Richard Pryor-Robin Williams- Lenny Bruce-Mitch Hedberg-Jimmy Carr…I learned and I’m still learning 2 things:

1- Love and Respect what you do and Sacrifice a Lot for It

2- Work, Work, Work, Fail, Work, Succeed, Throw everything away and start over.

6- Do you think we’ll one day get to see a successful “stage” for Lebanon’s stand up comedy?

WK: It’s an ongoing process but what I am hoping to see is the creation of the comedy culture in Lebanon, which means that people start seeing comedy and stand up comedy as a need for them.

7- Do you think comedy can help the situation we are in, Lebanon’s uprising does it need laughter or rage?

WK: Working in the creative team of Chi.N.N for 2 years made me see clearly that comedy/satire do help and change a lot of situations. I saw the results every Tuesday after an episode ends and it is beautiful.

8- What are your upcoming projects, where are you going to make us laugh next?

WK: I am in preparation from writing to filming new episodes for new shows on my YouTube Channel (links below); which I am super excited for. And also I am going back to the stage on October 13th to do my 24 minutes stand-up show called “Lahlla2 3am Jarrib” which is a genuine Test show in front of 40-50 people max to prepare for the official 1 hour show titled “24”.

9- Finally and most importantly, does your father know how funny he is?

WK: Yeah and He brags about it every day which is becoming annoying. I’m Kidding, If my father, who is one of the reason I was so sure that I wanted this Power of making people laugh doesn’t know how funny he is then now I have put it in writing, while he reads this, so he can brag some


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