Why I am voting for Kollouna Watani in Keserwan District.

The reasons are many, but let’s state the obvious ones, shall we? Not the very political reasons, the very basic reasons why any Lebanese citizen should have the mind and the balls to vote for a new set of deputies:

  1. Because our highways aren’t lit – and LEDs and NEWELNE signs shouldn’t be your source of light on the highway.
  2. Because our roads and general infrastructure is in the poorest of conditions – they’ve built obsolete bridges in the middle, the center, of the highest populated region in Lebanon… is this allowed? How did we tolerate this?
  3. Because we can’t buy any housing properties without putting our whole life-plans on hold – Yes, housing loans up to 30 years… great. 200m2 for 500,000 USD – outside of Beirut of course – shou Santa Monica LA?
  4. Because there is no form of recycling and our trash is piling up – and the best solution was to throw it in the sea? Is it like a message in a bottle? Are you trying to send it somewhere by the tons?
  5. Because our beaches are not public, but privately owned… where did you get off selling public lands?
  6. Because, electricity and moteur… moteur, 2018, walaw?
  7. Because, cell phone bills – ridiculous.
  8. Because, 11% TVA with no return in services…. La wein 3am bi rou7o?
  9. Because hospitalization bills.
  10. Because education bills.
  11. Because we’re becoming like dogs on a leash…
  12. Because you’re voting for a man who helped you get a job? YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET A JOB ON YOUR OWN if there weren’t any under the table “wastas”.
  13. Because he helped with your school tuition? You should have access to the best public schooling.
  14. Because he helped you with some “official” papers or a certain case you had? Well, if the laws are clear you shouldn’t have this much trouble sorting out things on your own.

Because it is too frustrating to watch what is happening to this country. Because you’re so hung up on warlords whose promises are idle and competency is obsolete. Because the heads of your favorite political parties are not as worried about their future as you are. Because they crave power and money and you crave a decent life w ma 7ada byeshbahkon… And though this post is turning out to be a long online complaint, I can’t help but think that maybe just maybe, something drastic would happen and things would change.

But then again, maybe you deserve the shit you’re living in. Maybe you deserve to treated like dogs on a leash, after all you’re going to vote for all the names your parents voted for. After all, you’re the ones who’re voting and choosing to shoot yourselves in the leg again. Mabroukin, the huge non-sense convoys, and the fireworks, and the blue sheep, bravo and we’ll go back to being the biggest joke of a country.

Does no one feel the oppression and injustice? Or is it easy for it to disappear at the sight of a few dollars?

Anyway, kollouna Watani in Keserwan is the equivalent of a blank vote. They probably won’t see the light in between the battle of the giant money spenders and favor providers of Keserwan. But my vote will stand as a whisper rather than a shout that we’re looking for change and it’s time get rid of this rotten political state we’re in.

So please vote for Kollouna Watani and for change and for saying no to being a sheep in the midst of what can be a civilized coup-d’état.

PS: Not one political party is better than the other. They’re all together against you having a better life, so don’t launch into “buts” and “opinions” we’ve all seen what they’ve done so far.

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