Why I am no longer a loyal ROADSTER fan.

Every food blogger and foodies out there keep repeating the same comments about all restaurants “omg, so great!” NO, I am sick of it and this is an honest opinion. Roadster was getting bashed for their rebranding when it’s the prices and service that are bad. I used to love Roadster and was loyal customer. But, seriously, it’s becoming too much. I didn’t want to write about this or bash Roadster, but every time I step into that diner I walk out disappointed. It’s not about making enemies or friends, it’s simply about stating what is fair — — 1 seriously messed up delivery ordered and 2 bad dine-in experiences.

I don’t know if the chain is going through a transition phase, from being a casual diner to an actual restaurant such as Bartartine, divvy’s, or more like Chilly’s and this is why they’ve changed so much, or it’s a management issue. But I was disappointed three times and they really don’t seem to care since no comment card was given to me to share my opinion, and I don’t want to be my “rawa2 el shabeb te3benin” self anymore.

Yesterday I walked into the nearly empty Roadster Jal el Dib’s branch – in the past, we needed reservations to do so – and had dinner with 3 of my friends.

We ordered and our order was late. Seriously late.

So, we ordered some carrots and Chex Mix to curb our hunger.

When we asked for our order, they said it needed a minute. 5 minutes later our order came.

There’s like 2$ left in my plate.

The chicken in our salads was barely cooked, the fries were cold, seriously cold, the portions were tiny compared to what they’re charging, and the whole process of asking for a change of dishes was annoying — not to mention that the plates they’ve chosen to serve their salads are annoyingly deep and make the last bite you die for unattainable.

Our meals weren’t “delicious” or satisfying or filling and it took too much effort to get what we wanted. And, when the bill came we were surprised when we noticed that they’ve started charging for the Chex mix, and every extra sauce order, which they didn’t do in the past and which would have been more than fine, because it’s their right, if their salads weren’t so overpriced.

It’s not about the 2,000 L.L. it’s that the order was late and we were starving.

It’s just the principle of things. I am not here to nag about prices I could have had a salad at home or a falafel if I weren’t able to afford eating out, but I can and still, I don’t want to feel ripped off.

I am sorry but hey, somebody needs to be honest. Maybe if the whole process of rebranding/refurbishing took place all at once I wouldn’t feel like I was walking into a place “that I used to know” that is now breaking up with me.

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  1. Definitely agree!!! From roadsteroholic and literally dining every night in roadster to never ever going there anymore .. i dont think they care much anymore .. and those owners dont need our money, but its sad to see one of the finest places like this..

  2. I actually work in this field in a different company. It is funny how lebanese people are never satisfied with everything they get. First of all, prices are there before you order, its not a factor of surprise that you see it at the end of your visit. If you saw a salad for 18,500 LBP and thought it is overpriced, you could have not ordered it. Second, people here want everything they extra order for free, if you guys travel to foreign countries, you would be astonished. If you order ketchup they’ll charge it because nothing is for free, if you are not paying for what you are eating, then it would be the restaurant paying for you to eat with no charge. Anyway, i am not defending Roadster, in fact i am not a regular customer of theirs, but im getting to a point where people should think before they start offending.
    Thank you.

    1. Never ever compare Lebanon to a western country. The quality of service is the only thing that keeps us in this country. Everything that you said makes absolutely no sense.

      To get into the details of your irrational comment:

      1- It is a factor of surprise if you order a meal for 20,000LL and then the portion and quality is for a meal of 10,000. You have nothing to say here.

      2- Don’t compare us to the West. Its just stupid its like comparing apples to oranges.

      3- (thats my personal opinion) I think that you should think before bashing people’s opinions. Your comment is absolutely pointless, the point that you’re trying to make (and failing at that) is that you’re annoyed of people who ‘offend without thinking’ when the discussion is about the shitty new quality of service of Roadster Diner®

      And finally, BULLSHIT if you don’t work for roadster diner.

      1. i’m interested to know why Lebanon shouldn’t be compared to the west. Why is that comparison so invalid that you bring it up twice? Should we not aspire to achieve the standards set by other nations or do we have to make excuses for our lack of quality? Or are you trying to say that Lebanon is above western standards(because that it absolutely without question not true)?

        1. AA why would we have to compare ? it’s not always better in the west countries. In fact, it’s way worse. I live in france and I assure you that, half of their restaurants doesn’t even achieve half of our restaurants qualities. And the comment just above you is totally right, why I would have to pay for extra if the plate is expensive as fuck.
          And for the author of this comment, just to be clear about what the guy said in the article, he didn’t say that the salad was expensive and notice it at the end, I’m sure he is not that stupid. His point is that for such an expensive salad, you can avoid charging extra sauce which I totally agree.

          1. As someone who’s lived in england most of his life I can safely say that food quality is dramatically better and we should absolutely be aspiring to hit their standards. Not only in quality, but in clarity and transparency. You cannot defend a country where people feel the need to post their ISO ratings on the entrance of their restaurant. I mean really, why would they need to do that if the food quality here is substantially better than the west(as you said, the west is “way worse”)? I want to be biased towards my maternal country, but I’m also capable of objective analysis, which alot of people here aren’t.

    2. Dumbo when a salad is proced for 18500 u expect to get a large portion not a tiny plate that wouldn’t satisfy ur hunger.
      Think before you comment you idiot

    3. She did not say it is overpriced, the quantity and quality of the food did not march the price. I don’t know how u replied abt what she wrote without understanding.
      Second of all, when 85% of the ppl working in their kitchens and preparing food became syrians with the last finger having a 2 foot long nails, & have no common sense with the lebanese way how ppl like their food to be served, yes she must speak out.
      Third, i am an emirates cabin crew and i traveled most of the destinations in the world, & NO they dont charge u extra if u order more sauce or even extra cheese in the most luxurious restaurants.

      1. I was with you until your statement got horribly racist and generally offensive. Why would you assume that Syrians have 2 foot long nails and no common sense? I’m sick of this nationalist bullshit that the Lebanese have, you are NO BETTER THAN ANYONE, especially Syrians. The fact of the matter is Lebanon had a food poisoning epidemic way before the Syrian refugee crisis because standards weren’t being met. You need to get your head out of your ass when it comes to your national image, you think if the kitchen was purely Lebanon that it would be any different? Just to clarify I’m also Lebanese and people with your attitude make me sad to be associated with you.
        The next thing wrong with your statement, lets say the 2 foot long nailed common sense challenged Syrians were in the kitchen, you honestly believe that there wouldn’t be guidelines placed by management that are being enforced by superiors? That includes nail trimming and what amount of food needs to be put onto a plate.
        And thirdly, thank you for uselessly mentioning luxurious restaurants, which Roadsters isnt, it’s your average American styled diner. I’ve lived in London and Dubai prior to settling in Beirut and yes, companies can and will charge you for extras. As the original poster said, nothing is free and it’s at their discretion to charge. Whilst I don’t think that’s a smart tactic, it is something that is done regularly.

      2. The article is talking about a Lebanese diner owned by Lebanese people and yet we found a way to incorporate our usual racist comments. Such a shame Mr. Cabin Crew. They say the more you travel the more open to other people’s cultures you become but you’re clearly the exception of the rule.

      3. Even Mcdonald’s charges for extra mayonnaise, ketchup or whatever in other countries, haha you’re funny mr racist cabin crew

    4. We’ve been to other countries and I think Lebanese reastraunts are overpriced. I think that’s clear. But charging for dips is a clear way to drive off customers. It’s a diner, not a fancy reastaurant… we already pay them more than they deserve. When you travel someplace you’ll see the difference, until then enjoy being ripped off by every store in this damned country!

    5. You are so wrong. First, nobody is going to roadster anymore, at least not like the good old days.. What made roadster unique is how affordable it was and the awesome customer service which includes getting complimentary dessert or something especially when the order is late.. If you live abroad you would know there are those places that charge you for everything yes but at the same time there are places that don’t; particularly if it is a diner! Plus All of them offer better customer service, so many time I paid ZERO for an unfinished meal just because I didn’t like it. I didn’t even have to tell them anything.. Note: anything you get charged for on the bill should be on the menu right? Well the dips are not mentioned anywhere(correct me if I’m wrong).. Roadster made it too easy for CCF.

    6. Sure the price is there before you order. But she also said the food portion was small and served cold. Why did you ignore that part in your stupid response ?

    7. Sure the price is there before you order. But she also said the food portion was small and served cold. Why did you ignore that part in your response

  3. Been a fan of Roadster since 2002 when they had open wings and bacardi days. I currently live and out broad and make it a point to visit Roadster every time I fly in. Not sure about the prices, however I must agree that the quality of the food is consistently worse with every visit over the past couple of years, in particular the wings that I come for. I come back every time in hopes that they’ve got theit act together again only to be disappointed.

  4. I really don’t understand the point of this article?

    Besides occasional undercooked chicken (that can be returned to the waiter as is and you can get another salad), none of her points make any sense.
    Anywhere you go (in Lebanon…even McDonald’s), extra sauces will be charged . And she said this was her 3rd time experiencing bad service so she wants to share it….what about the first 2 times? Those weren’t shared.
    Also in terms of delievery service you can just call them and tell them what bothered you and they’re usually polite about it. They never ever sent comment cards with their delivery.
    I don’t see why a whole article needs to be written bashing a Lebanese based restaurant that’s been there for ages and expanding successfully (ok maybe with some slips) over some undercooked chicken and being charged 2 thou for extra sauce.
    As a Lebanese citizen I believe there are much more important things to talk about and raise awareness on than undercooked chicken and extra sauce at one of the FEW Lebanese based corporations that are still trying to paint a pretty picture of that sad excuse of a country we’re in.

  5. Hello,
    I’m a loyal customer for roadster for 20 years and unfortunately, i eat twice per month instead of 5 to 6 times… Anw all the prices has been increased due to a small inflation but what i’m saying that roadster is no more like before for many reasons:
    1- Roadster used to have the best service in lebanon that we don’t see it anymore.
    2- The portion of fries , salad or even pasta has been minimized even the plates are smaller.
    3- The extra sauce were for free now we charge the customer.
    Personally i want to tell u something roadster guy, u can never and never compare LEBANON or the lebanese cuisine to any other country because we have the greatest food in the world in our field.

  6. Why do people always feel like they have to use offensive language when another person disagrees with their point of view????????? And we aspire to be compared to the West???????

  7. Meanwhile and as a matter of fact…
    Did you know that mozzarella sticks,chicken wings and fries ar all fried in the same frier,in the same oil???
    Well i dare any of roadster staff to deny it!
    This place has always been overrated for me.

    1. Well actually i’ve been there and seen them with my bare eyes , they use 4 different friers for each kind ….and they’re oil is changed every day at 12:00Pm u can check it out by the labels of the jars that a company buys for some other uses …

    2. Dear zigzag,
      It’s totally wrong. They have a fryer for each type of items and they use one of the best type of oil in the country. This is for your info 🙂

  8. Can’t agree more! It was a former favorite as well but not anymore.
    – prices are over the top
    – very limited choices in comparison to other similar diners
    – customer service has significantly deteriorated
    – not introducing the gluten-free option buns which should be on a menu of a supposedly renowned diner. (Although I endlessly mentioned this in my comment card)
    – I suprprisingly bit a piece of plastic in my crab salad the other day
    – u sense the rip off instead of the warmth of service we used to admire at this place
    And the list goes on…

    1. You cant request a gluten free bun!!!! It’s not a gluten free kitchen and contamination from gluten can easily occur.. non sense !

  9. We order roadster almost everyday to the office and it’s always good, whenever there is a problem I call and complain , their customer service are very kind and nice and make it up to you , I agree on everything you said above and you should have talked to the manager and im sure they would solve it , and dear roadster management , your prices are already high , so no need to charge for extra Parmesan or honey mustard !

  10. Let’s compare shall we:

    18500LL = 12.3$
    So for a french citizen in Paris, this is 12.3€.

    In Lebanon, nowadays, this buys you a salad.
    In PARIS!, yes PARIS, a definitely uncomparable city from an economical stand point, the average cost for a menu consisting of an entree, an entrecote and a desert is 14€, and that’s in the 2nd most expensive city in Europe.

    Case closed.

  11. I’ve been a loyal customer for roadster for 10 years, and currently, i barely go once per month (not even). I am not complaining about high prices and service as the others, but the thing is that the roadster i used to love before does not exist anymore. Fair prices, generous quantity of food, good service are gone. And the concept changed a lot from it what it used to be. And this is why i am no longer a customer.

  12. strange, are some of ppl.. you didnt like the portion of the platter, dont order it next time.
    when you eat a man2oushe, do you expect to get a “BONJISÈ” for free ? when you get a cold Man2oushe, dont you tell the Ferran to change it for you ? the problem is that a company so big like Roadster has lots of competitors, and the existing of such a huge company will always be a threat to any competitor in the market… i will always be a Roadster LOYAL guest. cause even THEM are allowed to have mistakes, specially that they always make sure to fix their mistakes.
    just sayin..

  13. I started to read the comments but when they got racist and irrational I stopped, and here’s my opinion:
    I was myself a loyal Roadster fan. I used to eat or order from the Ashrafieh branch on weekly if not daily basis since my university is nearby, for the past 4 years and I rated every branch as 5 on Zomato. But things started getting worse when they changed their branding: the menu has changed and became so hard to read, prices got high, portions got smaller- a graat example of that is the super sampler – and service became super bad. Last time I lunched at Rd I waited literally 50 minutes not to receive my order, but to ACTUALLY ORDER food. The place was not so crowded and only one waiter was available. I’m not sure how this is done. And the order came in wrong! Not to forget the bad food quality delivered and the lack of orderliness and sometimes hygiene. I really hope that Roadster will go back to the way it was known to be.

  14. Such adumb and poorly written article !

    Complaining for the sake of complaning ! Order something else cheaper if it is too expensive.

    Roadster doesnt brand themselves as a 5* food chain in the first place and yes sometimes it happens that food takes longer. it is not the end of the world.

  15. Are you guys talking about roadster dinner??
    Number 1 restaurant in Lebanon???
    A kind reminder plz, they are human being and mistakes can happen and this is why they have an excellent customer service to recover for their mistakes
    I only blame Roadster for 1 thing which is over reacting to their customer complaints
    If any of their customer complaints about anything they will act like if they’ve done something very bad and this is what made them receive a lot of complaints
    Because all the complainers knows very well that roadster will make it up way more than what it’s deserved
    To Jal el dib staff and management: we love you keep it up

  16. Why did you eat the chicken if it was undercooked? That’s the dumbest thing anyone can ever do!
    You say their portions are small, but still you left $2 worth of quinoa in your plate? It seems to me like you were full!
    You want to order chex and carrots for free? I’m sorry but life doesn’t work like that.
    The waiter said 1 minute, and you had to wait for 4 extra minutes?? AMAGAD! That’s like totally unacceptable. You should sue the waiter!
    Prices DO rise over time because costs DO increase! From rent, to salaries, to the cost of chicken. You just want to pay 2007 prices in 2017. Take an economics class!

    This article does not make any sense at all!

  17. Abou el Jamejem you are correct. I agree with Tatiana!
    Whoever wrote this article is living in their own world. Wake up to real life and stop nagging!

    1. No.. she has every right to nag lol. You’re free to go there everyday and.. “enjoy”. But we need critics like her because something had to be said.

  18. I do agree also.
    Same place, same area.
    The service out of professionalism and always late.
    plus it is always crowdy with kids…

  19. U r right very expensive very small protions … specialy the salads dnt have any taste, the wassabi salad ! Is kale leave with sauce !! No aded value

  20. Just wanted to let you know that they have been charging the chex mix since 2005, and I think maybe it’s just what a “loyal costumer till now” can know those little things about Roadster diner, not discoverying it after 19 years of history.

  21. Why do people always need to insult restaurants as if they are being paid by other competitors to do so. If you don’t like a restaurant just stop going there and choose another one you like more.
    I used to be a regular customer at a restaurant for three years (I am not going to mention which restaurant). They changed the quality of the food. I gave them three chances and gave my feedbacm to the owner; she would always reply “bukra be7re2lak dinoun lal chefs” and they changed nothing. I simply stopped going there without yelling it to the whole world.
    I always pass by and see the place so crowdy but I don’t go in anymore.

    So success haters please stop insulting Roadster or other diners and just go to another place.

  22. In my opinion, the everlasting competition between crepeaway and roadster is leaning towards Crepaway currently, but roadster is still providing decent real international food, one mistake or two aren’t the end of the world. Your article should’ve been articulated as a motivation for an important Lebanese food company to step up its game, instead of a grievance for the “death” of a still solidly existing company. Finally, the plates were “annoyingly deep”, really?

  23. Well… I’m astonished to read all the hate comments. People are so brian washed that the are defending the very scum that is responsible for the crisis… A salad for 20,000 LBP? Including bad service and raw chicken? Really? And yet you all dare to call the article stupid? I truly wish that I’m mistaken and most of you are ok to pay this amount for a bad salad. I truly wish that an expensive salad is the reason why waiters have such high salaries… I truly wish that this agressiveness can be shown again whenever someone is killed on our roads because of a stray bullet or a crazy driver…
    But no, we chose to be classy and accept the high bills to show off while hiding behind a wealthy father or a fancy iphone…

  24. Now everyone is speaking with their fancy english and all that bs… When someone posts their opinion on any blog we should try and counter argue it with respect and not use ad hominem as a form of rebuttal… So stop bashing other’s opinions… Second of all if you think that roadster have high prices for such low portions then stop going to effin roadsters and maybe spend your money somewhere for what its worth. Seriously I never went to roadsters and i never will pay 18,000 ll for a SALAD. I’ve been seeing a lot of similar posts, people posting their restaurant bills, and to our surprise they were either in petit cafe or an intercontinental and now roadster… The prices are on the menus if you think your paying more than what you’re getting then just dont order and dont pay….

  25. People….with all that’s going on in the world, we should be ashamed of this topic of discussion. Find something more beneficial and humanitarian to spend your energy on. By the way, I had lunch at roadster at ABC and service was fast and food was delicious…yes a bit small of a portion …but I had seen the prices and pictures and I chose to eat there…..place was packed ….and there was a waiting list of people who wanted to eat there….so it seems that some people are happy with the place…..Learn to avoid negativity

  26. i am not a big spender with normal salary and i find the price logical ! quinoa is expensive everywhere cz the cost price is high and if they are using high quality honey which is also expensive , if you pay shit you get shit ! if you want delicious food you have to accept the price !
    ps: i rarely eat there

  27. Guys, you are being unfair!! Let’s say you visited roadster for 10 times before and now when you had a bad experience you are being offensive and you did forget all the satisfactory visits that you enjoyed before!! You saw the price of salads before ordering it so why r u surprised !! It’s true that roadster is not a fancy restaurant but you should take into consideration that you are having the best quality ever ! For you to know that roadster have a high level of food safety standards and they always make sure to apply it at all times! I traveled to different countries and if you want to eat pizza , you have to buy by piece !!! All of us should be realistic while offending since it’s very to be a bad criticizer

  28. Well, i am a client at ROADSTER since it opened, for the last 3 years , i only ask for delivery orders, and 90% of the time, i am satisfied, and few times, they make mistakes (like all delivery restaurants in Lebanon)
    The prices are kind of expensive its true, but its ok, cause they serve you good and tasty food… for lots of people, ROADSTER is expensive, and Kababji to !!! lots of restaurants are , … BUT NOTHING YOU SAY WILL MAKE ROADSTER GO DOWN, …YOU LIKE IT, YOU ARE WELCOME, YOU DONT, GO TO JABBOUR AT DORA, AND EAT A GOOD SHAWARMA AT 5$ 😂😂😂

  29. I don’t know what’s happening with Roadster but it is one of my favorites. But as usual, if they don’t make 500% net profit, the business won’t be considered as good. Thus applies to most of the lebanese food chane. Look at crepaway, they used to be leaders in the market and suddenly they started over pricing food until they downsized. I beleive Roadster should reconsider their pricing strategy as it does not make sense to pay 13$ for a simple salad just because it has a chicken breast which is not well cooked give the fact that they are charging 3.35$ for a non cane coke.. yes they have a cost to deal with but Please note that your cost is nothing compared to similar places in the GCC given the fact that there rents are higher, Staff cost is higher, quality of food I beleive is not as risky as in Lebanon, yet the service still cannot be compared with Leb and most of all, they pay most of there indirect and direct taxes…… What I am trying to say, Roadster should give us a break, the burger is great yet not justified in terms of pricing and same applies for the menus.

  30. I remeber the olden days when my though of a casual fun tasty meal was at roadster, but 2 years ago everything went down the drain and i needed no one to tell me that they changed there whole managment and staff, it was apparent in there food, delivery service, and even what use to be the friendly waiters. What bugged me more was that for every comment or complaint i made, i get a phone call or email apologising and an offer for a gift voucher without even mentioning or investigating the actual issue or try to fix the situation, it became like :” here is your 20$ gift voucher, eat it and shut up” NO THANK YOU. I guess i just have to stick with the memories i have from my early 20’s about this place which i’ve visited at least once a week. I don’t even remember the last time I had my favorite diner mite.

  31. You should do a review on deek duke, we used to visit and dine for 35 thou per person (when sharing food and bill) for a burger and a starter, now you we’re paying for the same order 60 to 75 thou each something is wrong…
    And seriously since when is charging for extra sauces OK? And why? Maybe if they were giving enough sauces for each platter no body would’ve ordered any extras…
    Don’t get me wrong the food is verryyyy good there but when the bill comes out you’re not gonna still enjoy what you ate.

  32. I live in Europe. Nobody charges for ketchup or sauces where I live.

    In Spain its common to include snacks with your drinks and to keep you busy before the rest of the food arrives, only high end restaurants charge them. And of course you pay if you ask for extras.

    Lebanon is way overpriced. Its cheaper for me to go eat out in Europe (first world where workers get decent salaries) than it was in Beirut. No valet parking though, but i find that a plus.

    1. Spain is a great example! 14-15€ for a three course meal.. while Roadster charges 35’000/23$ for a shared starter, burger with added fries and ice tea.
      Many favorites are gone and replaced with smaller portions. And I can’t believe the burger prices.. 22’000+ for a burger without fries, etc.

  33. I’ve been in berlin, visited the McDonald’s. They charged me for the ketchup and for using the toilet!!! Come on guys we r still b alef kheir here.
    The Roadster’s Buffalo wings are still the best in lebanon iza shi

  34. I’m not gonna argue about the ethics of charging 2000LBP for an extra sauce…
    For me Roadster is one of the best restaurants in Lebanon: Delicious food, great service, and excellent customer care follow up even for deliveries… I highly admire their professionalism and I also respect the fact that they employ mostly university students looking for part time jobs to help paying their fees, and that shows from the discipline and good manners of all the runners, waiters and managers…
    Now It’s true there have been some price rise or some changes in the menu or the portions but this is secondary and somehow normal, the most important to enjoy the eating experience is the Food and the Mood…
    Food is still gorgeously delicious, but for me the Mood change is stressing me out with the new design of the branches being renovated or newly opened!
    It’s not just a simple change in looks…
    It’s not the fact that we are used to that spirit since the very first opening of Ashrafieh and Jal el Dib branches…
    It’s not a preference for a design or a trend…

    It’s mainly a change in identity!

    Roadster is a “Diner” and they still highlight it very well.
    “Diners” saw the light before a century but had their glory between the 40s and the 70s especially on the famous route 66 as fast foods serving the exhausted travelers looking for good food and mood change.
    They built themselves an image with some iconic elements, objects and materials such as stainless steel panels, porcelain enamel, glass blocks, terrazzo floors, Formica, neon signs, juckboxes, celebrities portraits, roadside and car parts elements… To sum; Bits and pieces from the American living of the time and their passion about cars and being on road, from where all “Roadsters” restaurants around USA and the world got their name…
    Roadster Lebanon when it was first conceived, understood this concept very well; it didn’t only copy the Diners image, but went very high designing a masterpiece that the moment you step inside makes you travel in place and time and that’s what made the magical mood and positive vibes transfer to our spirits (At least that was my personal experience). Besides than making fast food reach a level of fine dining!

    Unfortunately nowdays whenever I step inside a renovated branch I don’t feel familiarity, as if I’m not in the same famous Roadster I used to know.
    I believe all the above dislikes aren’t really emerging from complaints about price or portions change, no one would really care that much if the overall experience is up to the usual Roadster standards everybody knows.
    Dislikes come from the mood change!!!
    I am not criticizing the new design, it’s trendy, harmonious and functional, but it doesn’t tell a story.
    A story similar to the authentic route 66 that was full of emotions, encounters, and experiences, and it was burried by the new urban boring Highway where there’s no interaction between drivers and surroundings, with only goal in mind to reach destination, and that’s where adventure looses its taste although that same destination is reached.
    Similarly eating is more delicious when food is swallowed with passion.

    I really hope this urban attack on “Roadster diner” stops and please keep us some authentic branches where we can still enjoy the Food, and the magic Mood…

  35. All aside, ending an article by saying you could have had falafel is a joke.
    Is falafe now for poor or cheap people?

    Ignorance is a bliss

  36. Three things I noticed when reading this article:
    First is that the restaurant was empty,
    Second that it took them too long to get the salad ready at the table,
    Three is that the chicken was not cooked well.
    This tells me that since the place is empty, therefore no customers therefore not everything is available in the kitchen 😄 Therefore they had to quickly go to the closest grocery store buy chicken (while frying the potatoes), by the time they got to cooking the damn chicken the fries 🍟 were cold! They quickly shoved the chicken in the tiny deep plate and quickly offered it on the table!!!!
    The big mistake you made , is to enter an empty restaurant and order food with meat! Big mistake!
    This we can also compare it to the WEST!

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