The 1 Lebanese man who made and still makes SENSE.

Is it so, soooo, sooooooo, hard for politicians’ decisions or whatever they’re saying to make sense?
Truth is I know nothing about what should happen, what should change, or who should be replaced. I haven’t formed a political opinion, because like many, I don’t know much about politics. But, any living being in this country, any political idiot like me ,could tell that something has got to change before the big collapse… something gotta’ give at some point if you know what I mean, we can only pretend for so long.

Yet, beyond these political pigs, one has been singing the truth for 40 years or so and he’s always been telling it right. Yes, Ziad al Rahbani was and still is  right and we haven’t changed a bit in 40 years. I am sure he’s not a prophet with Layla abed el lattif skills, we’re just predictable.

Yesterday I was out and heard this song and I couldn’t help but think that we’ve been running in the same circle for almost 40 years, and it’s okay to admit that we don’t know what to do.

The song Esmaa’ Ya Rida, still resonates to this day… written in 1978.

تغير هوانا
وسعر كل شغلة …غلي
وخسه زرعها كنت … ماعادت إلي
ماعادت إلي
مش هم بعد اليوم … ان بهدلني حدا
صارت حياتي كلها … شي بهدددله
وبعدك عنيد
وأصغر نصيحة بترفضا
اسسسسسمع اسمع يارضا
كل شي عم يغلى ويزيد
امبارح كنا عالحديده
وهلأ صرنا عالحضيض
الخسه اللي موصلها بايدي
وسعرا مقيد بالجريدة
حطولا أسعار جديدة
كل لحظة في سعر جديد
عجل كلها يارضا

This song was written even before some of us were born.
Whatever you think about his beliefs, whatever you want to call him, the man is right and this is one example of many.
Are we ever going to grow up and change? Or are we always going to be stuck in this same circle? Fuck.

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