Series to watch other than Game of Thrones.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t, just CAN NOT… “Game of Thrones” anymore.

No, Jessica Jones isn’t one of them, it’s BLAH. Bye.

So, he are some alternatives I recommend.
5- Shameless U.S.

If you’re into watching a nice storyline, cry and laugh because of a series made of nothingness try Shameless US. I think the power of this series is its rawness, storytelling, and really thinking of how life’s circumstances shape you. But still not a “heavy” series to take in, it’s like a long rant with weirdoes you’ll fall in love with. The best thing is watching the main acts grow up from season 1 to 7.

— 7 seasons —

4- Twin Peaks:

If you’re into cult-films you’ve probably heard about David Lynch’s work. The man is a sick genius. Twin peaks aired a two-season series in 1990 and 1991, and its return is set in 2017 on showtime — you’ll probably have to pirate it to see it, but that’s all we got here in this cave. ANYWAY. Twin peaks is slow and you’ll need to hold on and take a deep breath, but still you need to see it if you plan on watching its third season.

It’s sick, you have to see it.

— 2 seasons —

3- Fargo:
If you’re into serial killer stories and killer aesthetics you definitely have to watch Fargo, specifically the second season. The acting is on point, Kristen Dunst is amaze-balls, and the cinematography is a masterpiece. Also, they’re inspired by true stories which makes you think how sick is this world? Sick enough, like when you used to mix Jägermeister and whisky when you were 19 — like why would you do that?

— 2 seasons —


It’s probably mainly for girls, but guys you can learn a thing or two from it. Streets of New York, soul searching, and women from all crazy, shapes, and brains. You’ll love this if you like sex and city but thought you could do without the “tacky”. This is a more real version of it. Lots of naked Lena Dunham though, you won’t even notice it after a few episodes.

— 5 seasons —

1- Peaky Blinders:

History, hot guys, and if life were a chess game in the 1900’s this would be the best documentation of it. Also, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Radiohead… just really the best soundtrack ever. By order of the peaky blinders, I command you to watch this. Did I take it too far?

— 3 seasons —

Good binging. Do you recommend anything?

4 thoughts on “Series to watch other than Game of Thrones.

  1. Fargo is not based on true events. Ask the cohen brothers about it, or just do a little bit more research before posting articles

    1. As I can’t just call up the Cohen Brothers and ask them, I will probably do a little bit more research about the series before I write on my personal blog. FYI, the storylines are inspired by real-life crimes, but interpreted differently. For instance season 2’s main crime is inspired by the following: ” In real life, in October 2001, Chante Jawan Mallard struck a 37-year-old homeless man, Gregory Glen Bigg. Like Culkin’s character, Biggs was lodged into the windshield, and like Dunst’s character, Mallard drove him home and parked her car in the garage with him still lodged in the windshield. Had she taken him to the hospital immediately, the homeless man would have survived (in fact, he apparently survived for several more hours after being lodged into the windshield).”

      Thank you though for commenting with such immense kindness Jesus Maria.
      Peace 🙂

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