Roula Yaacoub beaten to death by her husband, her husband found innocent by the court.


On Wednesday, the criminal court of North Lebanon found Karim al-Bazi innocent. Karim al-Bazi who 5 years ago beat his wife to death. The verdict was made because there was insufficient evidence to convict this man – so says the court. I am gonna go on a limb here and say that the 2 neighbors and her daughter who were there the night of the murder – I am not going to call this an incident – and presented their testimonies to the court, saying that Roula was beaten by her husband, were evidence enough that this man murdered his wife by beating her to death. The court decided that these testimonies were not concrete evidence. Her daughter who was reportedly threatened by her father as well: “If you say anything to anyone, I’ll kill you!” is now in the custody of her father and aunt. Logic.

Because the reason of death was brain hemorrhage, the court also decided that the marks on the neck of the deceased are not the “reason of death” and so, conjugal violence was eliminated as the cause of the death; especially that her daughter went back on her testimony… to probably protect herself since she is in custody of her father? Logic?

The court’s president Judge Dani Chebli opposed the majority’s verdict. The State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud requested, on Thursday, an appeal of the court’s decision in hopes that, for once, justice will be served.


Anyway, these are facts I gathered online. I am not a reporter. I wasn’t there on the night of the murder. I have no power to lawfully convict Karim al-Bazi. But I have an opinion – mostly based on logic – and let’s just pretend that our opinions matter.

In my opinion, mostly based on logic and facts, this man is a criminal. Not only him but the judges who concluded that this conjugal violence never happened and gave this “Karim al-Bazi” his freedom. Now, how does this decision resonate onto our super stable society where this never happens?

To those who get angry and allow themselves to resort to conjugal violence, the courtroom, where no man is above the law, says it’s okay. Go ahead beat your wife, it’s okay you were angry. It’s really fine, because you can attempt to choke her and if that doesn’t work and you end up beating her brains out, make it look like an accident, really, it’s cool. You have a temper, we’re not bigots, we understand how having a bad temper can lead to beating your wife to death. She probably didn’t cook your chicken the way you like it. It’s okay she was your wife anyway and you do with your wife as you please… because these are the middle ages, where you’re not held accountable for your mistakes. Your actions have no consequence whatsoever, it’s truly the universe and society who is to blame. Blame everything on the patriarchal, male privileged, environment you were born in; your common sense and just human conscious, couldn’t have stopped you. You did what you had to do, now sleep little baby don’t you cry… or better yet, find yourself another wife to beat to death since you’re free and you can carry on with your life. Habibe, no worries.

And how does that resonate to the victims of conjugal violence or violence in general?

Well, hard luck. You should have known he/she was a beater from the beginning. Or you could have called a hotline, where somebody would have helped you and then after, your partner would have been found innocent in the court because your neighbors must have mistaken your screaming for a really loud TV playing one hell of a scary movie in Dolby 5:1 sound mode. Your bruises might just be the result of you running into a wall, you a silly you! It’s really your fault that you accept it. This home abuse is a private matter anyway. Really, you get beat up, put some makeup on and carry on! You surely can find a makeup tutorial online to hide home abuse marks. Some influencer might have filmed one, they think of everything. And if you happen to die… well, you’re already dead! Why would you want justice for the horrible life you’ve lived? Do you really want to be the martyr who set an example? Is this how you want to be remembered? Better be remembered as the beautiful mother of 5 and loving wife. Just hide your shame in your grave.


I can’t be serious or ironic enough to explain why this is so frustrating. I can’t understand how corruption has crept to the depth of our fundamental rights, not as women but as humans or living creatures. I can’t seem to fathom how a murder, so evident, can be so overlooked by a whole society? Is it because it’s Halloween? Or is it by any chance, is it because it’s #WorldMankousheday, the source of our national pride?

Women are being murdered in their own homes. People are being murdered, and murderers are free. But I mean if you really like your Mankoushé, let’s just overlook this subject and order yours extra burned.

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