Paid 10,000 L.L. for parking, had a 18,000L.L. dinner | F* logic.

The parking/ Valet Parking issue in Lebanon is becoming seriously ridiculous. I know you all agree – if you don’t, you should.

A couple of nights ago a friend and I were having a drink and decided to grab a bite somewhere afterward. Naturally, each was driving their car and we were meeting there.

Each one of us paid 5,000L.L. for parking; so 10,000L.L.

Upset, we discussed how we clearly remembered that this parking was free and the Valet service was payable. So, we asked the waiter ‘since when was the parking payable?’, confused as if he either didn’t know or covering somebody’s ass, he told us that the parking belongs to the restaurant next to them and that it was controlled by the valet service now.

We ordered a wrap and halloumi plate, which cost us 18,000 L.L.
The whole ordeal cost us 28,000L.L. in total.
So, if you look at it that way, close to 20$ for a late light snack is not too much…

But, then if you look at it like I look at it, it’s f’ing ridiculous.
5,000L.L. to park your car for literally 30 minutes!

I have no idea why the parking issue is not properly regulated, I remember the government had set prices for parking and valet services in Lebanon. But, like everything else no parking owner/employee or Valet is following those rules… because what’s the point?

Paying 10,000 L.L. in Mar Mkhayel to grab a 10,000 L.L. beer… the equation doesn’t add up.
Or giving the Valet Parking Personel 5,000L.L. for him to tell you that his fee is 10,000 L.L. and watch him park your car by the very ‘public’ sidewalk is not very pleasant.
Blog Baladi already discussed this issue last week and I couldn’t agree more with him.

Does anyone feel ripped-off? or is everyone a Duke with a buffed-up paycheck?
I personally feel ripped-off and I’ve been limiting my nights out because I can’t help but get very angry, literally,  because of these ridiculous conditions. In any European country, choosing to rent/drive a car is bit ‘posh’ since public transport is available and so you’d understand why you’d be paying for parking. Non-the-less, during my last trip to France, we had parked the car in a very ‘downtown’ located parking for 5-hours and paid close to 3 euros only – which makes sense in terms of time/fee ratio.

On the Greek island, Paros, parking was free EVERYWHERE on the island, with large public parking lots, because the government provides limited public transport. And so, they consider the fact that everyone is driving and they need to park at some point — taxis are available and a few buses per day.

I always wonder why I learned to parallel park, if anytime I try to park my own car on the street it’s a ‘valet’ reserved spot.

Does anyone feel ripped-off or is it just me? Thanks bye.

One thought on “Paid 10,000 L.L. for parking, had a 18,000L.L. dinner | F* logic.

  1. Go to ZwZ to have a 3,000 man’ousheh and you will pay 5,000 parking fee.

    Let’s not complain, let’s just not use this parking service.

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