NUT$ – Could have been a good movie… but it’s not.


Okay so, Nuts might not be the worst Lebanese movie because Maguy Bou Ghosn is in business. But still it’s not that good.

Forget the sex, drugs, prostitution, violence, and gambling. Whether you like it or not, whether you see it or not, these exist in Lebanon. So, chill out the comments saying: “this film does not reflect our society.” Not every Lebanese movie has to reflect your moral values anyway, it’s a just movie get over yourselves.

But, the characters are not fully thought out. 

All of them are not fully thought out, but some of the main roles’ characters disrupt your focus, allowing you not to engage with the movie at all.

  1. Qassem, played by Gabriel Yammine, not be judgmental, but a man who runs a gambling business, a gang, a prostitution business, who lives in the south with his two wives, doesn’t have a southern accent, and plays golf? He plays golf? And, if the rational would be that he’s become rich and eats sushi and decided to take up golf, it doesn’t quiet show in the character build up or in his surrounding scenery. So, no.

  2. Jenny, Alexandra Ahwaji, a good looking 35-year-old Beiruti woman, who is searching for love, falls for a slimy guy, who looks like he’s stuck in the 70s, who runs a prostitution business and threatens people for a living, and she never questions anything about him, because she is madly in love? And while they’re having sex in an unknown place – when the conversation was, a second before your place or mine? – she actually enjoys that he is telling her how he burned his father to death when he was young because he saw him rape and burry his mother. Who has these conversations when they’re doing it? If its to explain that he is sick, sure, but why would she climax on it? Because it was drunk sex and she is fearless? The topic of conversation was not a good choice for the scene.

  3. Darine Hamzeh, has one facial expression throughout the whole movie. Sad, happy, high, drunk, she literally has the same facial expression. The same performance she gave in all her other movies —Hotel Beirut, hallal, etc. Yes, I encourage Lebanese cinema and watch all movies produced — but I don’t know if it was her character’s profile not to be moved by anything, because she is supposed to be a numb housewife? shouldn’t she be a bit shocked when her husband gets beaten? Or confused when a man requests her to sexually dominate him in a hotel room. She instantly plays the part like she’s been submitting men to sexual domination her whole life?
  4. The big gangsters are wearing flowery and patterned shirts? They’re supposed to be macho, which macho men wears light patterned shirts?

The list goes on:

  • The locations of the movie are not shot in a way that perfectly let the viewer understand the social status of the characters. — you wouldn’t know if its Ashrafiyeh Beirut, or Dekweneh Beirut, which makes a difference in the social class of the characters.
  • The characters relationships among each other is just absurd, even if the Beiruti people got mixed up with gangsters, they wouldn’t totally mix and be so harmonious with each other.

  • In terms of structure and editing, Nuts, didn’t emotionally or visually engage me at all, long one-shots in the middle of the film that are uncalled for and actually tend to disrupt the viewers focus — the choice of framing doesn’t help viewers understand the emotional rollercoaster of the characters or narrate the story properly.
  • The opening scene is very theatrical and dramatic and doesn’t “look” like the rest of the movie.

  • A divorce scene that is too quiet, if it were truly happening the whole restaurant would have shared their opinion on their relationship. Who buys a cake for 15 people for a celebration of 2?
  • A drunk and beaten up girl in mar mkhayel and no one bothers to look at her? Seriously Mar Mkhayel is full of cops on a freaking Monday.
  • A four-older-women scene in a living room discussing maids — meant to be insightful on what the mothers are busy with when their children are in shit — you wouldn’t understand its need or why they were there — if it were a casual drop by, why weren’t any of the actors there?
  • For the end scene, I won’t ruin it for those who want to watch it, but seriously? They were smart enough to run.

I just would like to say that the movie is being battled for all the wrong reasons, it’s not because it’s violent and daring that it should be criticized, it’s because it’s just a work in progress script.

I don’t want to be rude, I know how much Lebanese filmmakers and actors struggle and I really hope this comes – if anyone reads it – as constructive criticism from a humble viewer. Nuts, is still better than 70% of other Lebanese movies produced this year, at least the production in terms of “production” is good and doesn’t insult our eyesight, but I will refuse to say only that and be forgiving about the movie’s problems.

Overall, always watch a Lebanese movie, we need to help our filmmakers out so they could keep producing, but seriously filmmakers don’t release drafts and expect Lebanese viewers to love them. Wadilakhdar edamame out of nowhere? Seriously? I know you need product sponsorship, but let’s be smart about it.
Anyway, buy some pop-corn and go form an opinion about it, I am sure its better than “50 shades darker.”

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