November 16 – The Art of Boo’s, In the Dead of Night, Book Launch & Live Soundtrack Performance.

Most of you have seen the art of boo’s illustrated posts filled with satire, dark humor, and socially inappropriate things we all secretly/publicaly love. The artist is now launching his book “In the Dead of Night” accompanied by a soundtrack, yes that he composed as well, on Thursday the 16th of November at KED.


In the Dead of Night –  Bed Time stories for grown-ups – is the artist’s most recent work, after his exhibition in 2013, “Undressed – Society’s reflection in its brands“.

The illustrated book created by the Lebanese artist reflects on modern society and redefines fairytales, through dark humor. It contains 20 stories and 8 poems with an illustration for every story. The soundtrack is made up of  9 tracks, a Piano Concerto that starts with an intro of a child putting his father to sleep on a cold rainy night, and ends with an outro of the father waking up the next morning. The father’s dream sequences in between are original melodies composed for the main stories in the book.

The illustrations in the book are all hand drawn and colored digitally! Here, meet the protagonists.

And because of the boo’s, Bernard Hage’s darkness, and perfectly knit “dead of night” concept, you can explore the book and its music on its website but only after dark – meaning, the website is only fully functional at night.

For the event at KED this Thursday the 16th of November, the artist will create the full experience, building a bedroom from scratch to launch ‘In the dead of night’ with a live performance of the music in one corner and in another the signing of the book. The event starts at 7, and if all this inspiring work is not enough for you can also drink in the bedroom, yes there will be alcohol.

To cap it all off, here are some of the book’s reviews and the official invitation! See you all there.




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