“Kaff 3ade, bas mish 3enef” WTF Menna w Jerr?

Now, I know that Lebanese TV programming, from series to talk-shows, is generally worthless and cheap, but I think this is all together a new low. 

The host asks “Do you think that women deserve to be beaten?” to which this so called “artist” named ‘Melissa’, replies, on TV, very confidently: “Of course not, but if it’s a casual slap, like a light slap, it’s okay, if it’s caused by jealousy, but real violence and beating up women, I am of course against it.” 

Is she serious? That’s like saying a cut with a knife, like a small incision, is okay, but stabbing no. Like hitting with a gun is okay but, of course, no pulling of the trigger. 

موقف الفنانة اللبنانية ميليسا من موضوع العنف ضد المرأة

عندما تقف المرأة ضد حقوقها: "كف هيك على الماشي.. عادي"#العنف_ضد_المرأة

Posted by ‎Raseef22 رصيفــ22‎ on Friday, February 22, 2019
This is the whole video if you care to see it.

Melissa, habibte, please, betrajeke, wa2fe. 

But this is not entirely on her, is it? I mean this show is supposed to be one of the most watched talk-shows in the Lebanon, why did they host and interview this irrelevant talent?

Secondly, if this show is not live, if it’s taped then aired, why didn’t they edit out this part? For views and clicks? Or to make Pierre Rabbat seem like the hero of the day while defending the cause of violence against women? Because saying “Concerned organization will be on your case.” and “You shouldn’t accept for a man to hit you.” doesn’t exactly make the situation proper. And if this show is live please take an emergency commercial break, improvise.

These clicks and fake heroism are done at the cost of having most of the population, tuned onto the show, listen to a “star” saying that it’s okay to slap your partner around. They could have simply, morally, cut this part out instead of having potentially violent partners feel like “it’s okay” because they said it on TV. 

TV communicates to the masses and people working on such programs should be responsible enough to know what to air and what not to air. But this is a bigger topic, since most Lebanese channels are airing garbage. 

They can simply live broadcast our garbage mountains; the content would amount to practically the same. 

Maybe TV viewers are to blame as well. We were a better and more demanding audience a few years back. Now, we watch this non-sense and consider it proper TV programming. 

I know this clip is from last month, but I just saw it and I’d like to say: Melissa, habibte, please, betrajeke, wa2fe, ba3ed marra. 

2 thoughts on ““Kaff 3ade, bas mish 3enef” WTF Menna w Jerr?

  1. The show IS live. And if you’ve watched the clip Pierre Rabbat did clearly tell her she’s in the wrong. I don’t care for the show by the way.

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