I would like you to appreciate women 365 days a year, or is that too much?

Not just on the day labeled “women’s day” but every day of the year, we should be happy that we’re women. Because we’re worthy 365 days, we’re accomplishing during these 365 days, and we should be acknowledged for it all year long.

Growing up with a vagina in Lebanon, we heard these things:

  • Be careful, women backstab women.
  • Women hate each other.
  • Women gossip.
  • If women were president it would just be a bunch of countries not talking to each other.
  • Women dress to show off and brag to other women – not for themselves.
  • Women are weak.
  • Women shouldn’t be paid as much as men.
  • Women shouldn’t be too smart at school, they’ll get married one day and won’t need it.
  • Women are just women.
  • Women etce fucking tera…

And some of them unfortunately are true, even hearing “ente benet” as a restriction or a form of limitation.  But hey, women have been through hell and back, and up until recently they were not able to speak up about it. And when they did some considered “feminists” as women who hate men – which is not true.

So, to you:

You, who grew up being told don’t eat that, you’ll get fat. Being told to eat something, you’re too skinny.

You can’t play that it’s a boys’ sport, take this doll, and for those who loved dolls and playing house.

For you who show off your locks and those who cover them.
For those who got drunk and did something “stupid”, and those who can hold their drinks, or never really liked drinking.

Those who like to read and those who read magazines.
Those who stood up to their parents to prove a point and paid a price, and those who loved them unconditionally.

For you, you hard worker and dream-chaser, and for you, you beautiful overworked stay-at-home mamas.

For you who chose marriage and beautiful children, and you free-birds.

This is an option too.

For you who posts 10,000 selfies, and you who can’t stand taking a picture of yourselves.
For you who slammed doors, and you who break through them.
For those who play by the books, and those who shred them,

For all of you… I appreciate you, 365 days a year.

Because when shit hits the fan or when my shit is together it’s always my circle of women I want to tell or share that with.

And I’ll take this opportunity to tell you, that they can celebrate 8 March all they want. Everyday is women’s day because everyday women are fighting for what is theirs in the first place. That there is no right or wrong way to be a woman, but infinite ways… and we need to start accepting that about each other.

And though some of our rights are not ours yet – like giving our nationality to our children, among other things – Let’s try to not judge each other anymore, let’s try to understand that we’re all in the battle at different aspects of the fight.

Come on, my women, share this love and cheers to all of you beauties today and everyday.



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