I QUIT. I QUIT and so should you if you’re unhappy.

“Find what you love and let it kill you” — No wonder Charles Bukowski didn’t start his professional career until he was 35 years-old.

The truth is I loved my old job. I loved my old job so much I was addicted to it.

Then, I began to break down and noticed how my “job” was slowly killing who I want to be on the long run. So, I quit and it doesn’t make me a quitter, what it makes me is a person who actually wants to enjoy their life and who they are.

There’s a million ways to make a living and live a little, if you’re smart enough to take a chance on “you”.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not trained for the “real” world. You have too many hopes and dreams to commit to a 9-to-6 and an hour lunch break — I like drinking in daytime honestly. But hey, yes, I am a career person and I will never stop working a day in my life. I’ll just be doing that on my own conditions.

1- I am sick of being “negative.”

Truth is, when you read e-mails all day, when your ideas get turned down a million times, and when clients don’t give a damn how you feel when they walk-in and request their jobs… you become a less “sunny” person. And I am honestly sick of being so negative with people and with myself.

What I said to everyone.

2- I am tired of thinking.

The most annoying thing about your brain is that it takes a lot of time for you to know how to control it. So, until you do, it takes over the steering wheel. And, if you’re in love with what you do, that’s all you think about! But, when you’re doing it for somebody else’s benefit, what’s the point? Do it for yourself, think how to build a “you”. And, don’t give me that hipster shit of “I am my own brand”.

3- I am tired of “15 days” vacation leave policies.

Seriously, I’ve always wanted to see the world and I have a serious case of wanderlust. And, I can’t do that when I get 15 days a year, only. And, I don’t want to make sure that all vacations start on Saturdays and end of Sundays so I could make the best of them. I want to be able to pick up and leave when I can afford it. Which, brings me to my next point.

4- I am tired of “not” being able to “afford”.

Working 5-days a week, for 10 to 12 hours, a day, why the heck am I broke by mid-month? Because I am not a CEO? Well, F. that. I want to be able to afford a decent life, the life I studied for and I am working for. Not some “You’re still young, money will come once you get promoted life”, that’s goanna take a minimum of 5 years and by then I will be completely numb, with more responsibilities and probably a poor eye-sight because of this laptop’s screen. Yes, I have too many sneakers, I mean heels, no I really mean sneakers, but I worked to be able walk in my shoes, so I want to wear them out in the sun and still afford lunch at the end of the month.

5- I am very seriously tired of “arriving on time” speeches.

Well, I am a person who’s always late. And it’s not because I disrespect other people’s time, it’s because I like to wake up serene and quiet and start my day gradually. I like to read the news and the tweets, I like to drink my coffee quietly, I like having morning conversations, I like working-out in the morning, and I like taking a hot shower to start my day. I hate the fact that I can’t do that anymore, because “I am going to be late” because of traffic or whatever.

6- I am tired of not having “me” time.

Saturdays and Sundays are not enough. Me time is whenever I need it. I am tired of neglecting my thoughts and body’s signs. I am tired of not having a minute to look at myself in the mirror and see where my baby wrinkles are forming. I want more time for me.

7- I am tired of “shopping” for comfortable.

I really don’t want to be buying anymore “work” clothes. I want outfits that look like me. I really don’t want my closet to look like I am comfortable — I want my wardrobe to look like I am living outside office walls.

8- I am tired of submitting sick leaves.

Most times, I am not even sick. Sometimes I am specifically sick of working and I would rather stay in bed. And that is exactly why I quit. I don’t care for prestige when prestige doesn’t care for its employees.

9- I am tired of “I wish”.

Honestly I want to be doing everything I wish to do. Like having coffee with a friend on Thursday afternoon or hanging out with my mom for a couple of hours. I no longer want to cancel anything I would rather be doing, for the sake of sending emails.

10 – I am tired of “It’s okay”

Not because I have something against Elissa, it’s because I seriously do not want to be okay anymore I want to be happy. And you should want that for yourself as well.

Ugh, I know it sounds like I did it for 10 years, but is it bad that I realized early on that I want something different for myself? I don’t want to work for somebody else’s leisure, I don’t want to create for somebody else’s pleasures only – I would like to enjoy the process too.

I loved my coworkers and still do, I also love the network I was working for since it had a beautiful spirit, they’re truly amazing people. But, I will refuse to be overworked by an international company for the sole fact that it’s a “prestige”. It’s not honestly, it’s a conventional way to make a living, get over it, it’s not for everyone.

Like Christopher McCandless says in Into the Wild, Careers are 20th century invention and I don’t want a conventional one. I want to wake up and have fun.

So, go ahead, pack up and go live a little 🙂

11 thoughts on “I QUIT. I QUIT and so should you if you’re unhappy.

  1. Everyone should delay working and keep living an excused permanent vacation (aka they should in college for as long as they can).

  2. I think you’re an interesting person
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  3. Welcome to the freelance world, if that’s the way you’re going.

    Great article. My friends and I discuss this a lot. “What do you discuss about it?” you may ask. Well, I think I can write an equal-size article about why not to quit your jobs and the challenges awaiting you, but I will wait until you do it. You’ll do it better.

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