Do yourself a favor and watch Hady Zaccak’s 104 wrinkles.

You know that feeling you have when you need to laugh but cry at the same time? Well, that’s exactly how 104 wrinkles – Ya 3omri – by Hady Zaccak will make you feel, and you need to see it, like seriously.

Documenting his grandmother’s late years, with footages from 1992 until her passing in 2013, this experience tells the story of Lebanon through one of his citizens but more importantly tells the story of a woman who had a beautiful life and can’t remember most of it in her last days. Yet, in her last days, Henritte hangs on to her occasional cigarettes and the ones she loves most.

It’s heartbreaking to the point where it makes you think.
The beautiful thing is that there is no “shoved-up” message in this film/documentary.
It’s really a nice piece of storytelling — hats of to the editor – that makes you think will I care about when I am a 104 about the things I care about now? Is this “life” worthy enough? — I mean anyone will read in Henritte’s wrinkles whatever they want to ask themselves, it really makes one reflect and ponder about the greater matters for a while.
Anyway, it’s the only Lebanese movie that I’ve seen this year that didn’t make me want to burn my eyeballs – sorry for the graphic illustration – So, please go see it.

 You can watch the trailer here and see it at Empire-Sofil: 

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