Delivered to you anywhere in the world | Koullouna: A box full of Lebanon!

I personally remember having to explain why I have 20 bags of Lebanese Markouk bread in my luggage to the U.S. airport officer while entering Tennessee. It wasn’t very pleasant for him with me saying “Markouk” is when you put the doe on a traditional “saj”! Like big hot pan with real fire you know?” He didn’t.

Being Lebanese, means you have expat family members and friends and means having to transport Lebanese goodies every time you visit, because they miss the taste, smell, and feels of home… and who can blame them? “Lebanese cotton candy, ghazel el banet, but white color with a different taste you know officer?!” She also didn’t know.

Anyway, so here’s an awesome initiative that would save you all those embarrassing moments if you’re visiting and an initiative that would allow you not to wait for someone to visit to get a taste of Lebanon if you live abroad.

“Koullouna” is a service that puts together a “Koullouna” box every month, full of Lebanese goodies, including foods and decorative items among other things. You can subscribe to the service and get a monthly box delivered to your doorstep! The first box is out and it’s all about Lebanese Coffee, you can see why I love it… You can get the box for yourself or even ship it as a gift to a friend abroad who’d like to experience Lebanon as well!

And the best part about it is that while you’d be getting the goodies you miss, part of your subscription would be donated to a Lebanese N.G.O. that would put your money to good use, bettering your home country, Lebanon.

The Koullouna initiative is now raising funds on Indigogo, and while they’re well-past their goal, with 12 more days to go you can contribute by donating or even get a discounted subscription among other awesome deals!

With all this chaos going on in Lebanon the past weeks, I think that Koullouna is a reminder that we’re capable of change; and even if some leave Lebanon they’re not giving up on it. I personally only watched the videos of Marielle, the woman behind the initiative, and read the material that was sent to me, and I think it’s so beautiful, heartwarming, and exciting to see this initiative come to life!

So come on early adopters and trendsetters, and random people who miss their country,  Koullouna should get behind Koullouna!



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