9 types of posts by Lebanese people on Valentine’s day… that need to stop.


Everybody goes coocoo on Valentine’s Day. Love is a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated as much as possible… But, would you keep something to yourselves people? At least things that don’t concern your entire Facebook friend list or things that are too out there or  things that seem like a cry for help… because we really can’t do anything about it.

1- The in love with Jesus.


“Jesus is my one and only!” I got no problem with that, but on Valentine’s day?

2- The in love with my dad.

The one and only man in my life “I love you dad you’re amazing”. Better keep it for father’s day and when you’re a guy it’s just weird.

3- The in love with the gym.

To all those who posted gym pics… awesome. But seriously… “I love leg-day?” on Valentine, what a coincidence. Does anyone love leg-day to begin with?

4- The drunk in love.

No one loves drinking more than I do, but re-calling it today with a caption that says………. you know. Wait, maybe it’s fine, I like alcohol that much I understand never-mind.

5- Oh look at what I gooooottttt.

It’s beautiful sharing your presents, but at some point my timeline became “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” that later became “I’ll take that and add 20 flowers and a box of chocolate and a Rolex.” Enjoy your gifts… please, they’re beautiful, but none of our business.

6- The I am so rubbing my relationship in your face.

The collage of 1000 pictures of your timeline together is awesome, but your making-out pics are awkward. We’re really happy for you… but #thequeenofmylife and #TheKingOfMyWrold we don’t need that. You don’t need that as well. Just quit with kings and queens, your life is not a play from the Roman Empire’s era.

7- The Poet.

I think love is best shared when my soul will meet the soul that will merge like tomato sauce and pasta. It’s true that most poets become famous when they’re dead, but in your cases it’s a no.

8- The love song guru.

This is exactly what you sound like.

Please stop sharing songs you think represent love. They’re sad and no one clicks YouTube links anymore, like never .

9- The inspirational-love photo.

What does this mean? Seriously.

Never quote Paulo Coelho ever again. Ever. Again. He is delusional and not in a good way.

Anyway, hope you always remember to love yourselves and to… chocolate.

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