3 things I do abroad that I never do in Lebanon.

No wild stories or drunk ones to read about here — more like ‘human basic’ thoughts. (Because I am always too drunk to remember).

1- Give strangers compliments.

You know when you see a stranger and they’re wearing something nice or looking radiant and you think to yourself, “oh how good does this person look!”, well I say it! At least, when I am not in Lebanon because Lebanese girls in general think I am hitting/jealous of them and Lebanese guys think I am definitely hitting on them; when the truth is, my lovelies, I am seriously impressed by your looks but do not in any way want to be with you or be you. We need to learn how to take a compliment without making too much of it.

2- Allow myself to seem “ridiculous”.

An exercise class I never go to in Lebanon, reading the Mexican menu in Mexican instead of its English translation, or even looking homeless for a day. All of this because abroad most people tend to laugh at themselves; in Lebanon you point at the dish you want at an Italian restaurant because you’re afraid the waiter will look at you like you were raised by wolves. We need to let go of the notions “I know everything” and “I get it right all the time”, it’s okay to not get it at all — whatever the “it” might be.

 3- Drop judgment… completely.

 When you travel alone and don’t have 1 friend to talk to, you suddenly embrace having any conversation with anyone. Anyone meaning the cashier at a store, at a coffee shop, or the homeless person on your block. You suddenly don’t care if they went to LAU, AUB, or drive a corvette. You only care about the quality of their conversation. Which is why we need to set our judgments aside the next time we’re having a conversation with somebody new.


Travel on!


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